The Pioneer in Closing Costs (Formerly SmartGFE)

From LoanEstimate to LumenRMS – We’re TRID Ready.

ClosingCorp pioneered LoanEstimate nearly five years ago and since that time, it’s been a staple with lenders nationwide.  All required changes for TRID have been made in LoanEstimate, with many other enhancements planned before the CFPB revised go-live date. For market continuity, the SmartGFE name will be replaced with LoanEstimate in August 2015. The existing user interface and product output will reflect this rebrand.

LumenRMS, the new risk management suite, will be available to market in Q1 2016 and will be the flagship product for the future of closing going forward. This new platform will include several modules, including LumenLE which will significantly improve how loan estimates are created. The LumenLE module will be brought to market in Q1 2016 at which time, a formal migration plan will be announced.

What You Need to Know About TRID Changes.

Although SmartGFE is being rebranded to reflect “LoanEstimate”, the website will continue to be available to prevent any disruption in business processes.  User names, passwords and business rules will not change on as a result of the rebranding. More information will be available on the migration plan to LumenLE in Q1 2016.


What is happening to our LoanEstimate contract and guarantee under TRID?

Just as ClosingCorp delivers data on the current GFE blocks 4 through 8 plus appraisal, it will deliver sections C, E, H and appraisal in block B on the LE.

How many Service Categories (formerly GFE blocks) will be supported on the new LE product?

Just as ClosingCorp delivers data on the current GFE blocks 4 through 8 plus appraisal, it will deliver sections C, E, H and appraisal in block B on the LE.

Will I have the capability to run scenarios in parallel well before the August 1 date?

Prospective clients can evaluate the new LE solution under an NDA and Evaluation Agreement for a stated period. Existing clients can test via their LOS provider or ClosingCorp’s web-enabled


» TRID compliance is a complex, data-driven challenge and there are many “devils in the details”.  Remember, the legislation surrounding TRID was thousands of pages.  There is only so much information which can be conveyed in writing.  Don’t take others word for it.  Call our team of experts or complete the form to the right to ensure you ask and receive the answers that you need.


LoanEstimate benefits.

Imagine a world where good faith estimates no longer take hours to compile, put your business at risk of regulatory violations, or jeopardize your ability to close loans. Imagine no longer. Whether you’re a retail, correspondent or wholesale lender, ClosingCorp’s LoanEstimate delivers the accurate, reliable closing cost data you need to deliver superior client service while maximizing business efficiency and improving your bottom line. All accompanied by ClosingCorp’s guarantee which can reduce tolerance violations. The guarantee will also allow you to do away with arbitrarily high, non-competitive GFE estimates for fear of paying tolerance violations.

Benefits Retail Lenders Correspondent Lenders Wholesale Lenders
Elimination of tolerance violations x x x
Reduction in labor costs x x x
Real-time alerts if recording fees or transfer taxes change x x x
Audit trail for changes in circumstance x x x
Technology platform integrations with Calyx Point®, Ellie Mae® Encompass360®, Black Knight™ Empower®, QuestSoft Compliance EAGLE℠, Savana Inc. (formerly FIS LOS) and other proprietary systems x x x
Guaranteed RESPA Compliance for Blocks 3-8 x x x
Custom integration available x x x
Loans that are easier to sell in the secondary market x x x
Documented loan quality that’s easier for investors to assess x x x
More control over third-party loan quality x
Faster quality control assessment and faster file setup x
Value-added service for broker clients x

LoanEstimate  is simple to use.

At ClosingCorp, we think getting accurate data for your GFEs should be simple. With most GFE solutions, however, it’s anything but. Manual entry requirements, multiple user inputs, and limited automation make for a complex, time-consuming and work-intensive process. All for data that’s anything but reliable.

LoanEstimate integrates loan file data, census and county property data, and a lender’s business rules and requirements, all in a single, seamless process. All with one click, and all in less than a minute. And unlike other solutions, LoanEstimate produces actual data, not estimates.

Of course, for those rare occasions when complete flexibility and manual input is a necessity, LoanEstimate enables you to override the system rules to customize your experience.


LoanEstimate is guaranteed.

With ClosingCorp’s LoanEstimate, gone are the days of having to worry about incurring a RESPA-tolerance violation every time you create a good faith estimate for a client. That’s because every GFE you create is populated with actual closing cost data that’s guaranteed to protect you from RESPA tolerance violations related to Blocks 3 though 8. And when we say guaranteed, we mean it.

That’s right. We’re so confident in the accuracy and reliability of LoanEstimate that if the fees obtained from it are not compliant with the applicable tolerance restrictions under RESPA regulations, ClosingCorp will cover the cost of the discrepancy (subject to the terms & conditions of its guarantee).

That’s a guarantee you can rely on because only LoanEstimate provides actual, vendor-verified rates for Blocks 3-8, including the ever-important recording fee and transfer tax data, thanks to the industry’s most sophisticated and comprehensive recording fee and transfer tax database, which is a proprietary ClosingCorp asset.

But that’s just the beginning. All relevant changes to a loan file are automatically captured, date stamped, and updated with appropriate fees based on every change in circumstance. That means you get the security of having a complete audit trail from GFE to HUD-1, and a Compliance Guarantee Certificate, which contains the audit trail.

LoanEstimate delivers savings.

Let’s face it. At the end of the day, the bottom line is your bottom line, and operational efficiency and cost containment are vital to the success of your business.

LoanEstimate is the only solution that delivers actual closing costs on any residence in the United States. Actual data delivered directly to you means less time spent researching costs and creating GFEs, and it means you’ll virtually eliminate costly RESPA tolerance violations.

In other words, actual data means actual savings. Big savings.

Potential Savings Using LoanEstimate (10,000 GFEs/Year)

Assumptions Traditional GFE Preparation GFE Preparation Using LoanEstimate
Number of Good Faith Estimates (GFE) Per Year 10,000 10,000
Number of Mortgage Loans Closed Per Year 5,000 5,000
Hourly Labor Rate for a GFE Processor $20 $20
Time Spent Creating a GFE 30 minutes 1 minute
Labor Cost to Create a GFE $10 $0.33
Annual Labor Cost to Create 10,000 GFEs $100,000 $3,300
Average RESPA Tolerance Violation Per Closed Loan $75 $0
Total RESPA Tolerance Violations $375,000 $0
Annual Savings with the LoanEstimate $471,700

Based on ClosingCorp 2010 survey. Annual savings does not include cost of service, which varies based on volume.

So what does smart mean for your business? The ability to boost your bottom line by saving time, lowering costs, and increasing business efficiency.

Data & Delivery

LoanEstimate from ClosingCorp provides lenders with access to actual, vendor-verified rates for Blocks 3-8, a subset that includes critical recording fee and transfer tax data straight from the most comprehensive and reliable database in the industry.

LoanEstimate Data Summary
Block 3 Appraisal management companies
Block 4 Title and settlement services
Block 5 Owner’s title insurance
Block 6 Third-party real estate closing services required by the lender
Block 7 Government recording fees
Block 8 Transfer taxes charged by state and local governments

For lenders needing to turn around a good faith estimate within 72 hours of receiving a loan application, the need for fast, accurate and reliable data for Blocks 3-8 is paramount.

GFE and HUD-1 ready

LoanEstimate data is designed to flow seamlessly into your GFE and HUD-1 reports. And because of its sophisticated data mapping capabilities, the LoanEstimate will quickly and easily accommodate the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s proposed disclosure changes whenever they occur.