SmartGFE® Calculator: Online Pricing Tool Customized for Title Companies

Fast rate quotes delivered through your title company’s website.

Need to deliver accurate GFE data to your lender and real estate agent clients in an instant?

Only the SmartGFE® Calculator can deliver accurate title and settlement rates as well as up-to-date recording fees and transfer taxes for any residential property in the U.S. – and do it instantly. To make it really easy for your clients, all data is provided in GFE and HUD-friendly formats. And because lenders and real estate agents can access this powerful tool on your title company’s website, it eliminates the frustrating back-and-forth. Unnecessary phone calls, emails and faxes are replaced with a simple, streamlined, online tool that generates the quotes your clients need at their convenience, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. What does all this add up to? An accurate GFE, satisfied clients and more business for you.

SmartGFE® Calculator: Online Pricing Tool Customized for Title Companies

Watch the benefits multiply.

Actual data and ease-of-use make the SmartGFE® Calculator the best pricing and compliance tool in the industry. But your competitive advantages don’t stop there:

  • Instantly generate real-time title and settlement rates, transfer taxes and recording fees in GFE and HUD-friendly formats
  • Save time and money with our streamlined pricing process for residential real estate transactions
  • Improve GFE and loan processing efficiencies for your lender clients
  • Enable your lender and real estate agent clients to order title services instantly at any time, including nights and weekends
  • Mitigate RESPA tolerance violations with traceable quotes for your lender clients
  • Eliminate unnecessary phone calls, emails and faxes
  • Reduce time and cost for your title company, real estate agent and lender clients
  • Sell more lenders on your title services with ’24/7′ compliant quotes
  • Instantly receive online orders for title insurance from lenders and real estate agents based on the estimates they receive from your calculator

SmartGFE® Calculator for Title Companies – Features Overview

Benefits SmartGFE® Calculator
Accommodates multiple underwriters x
Allows custom rates and fees
(Down to the office and lender levels)
Provides traceable quotes x
Represents the title agent’s fees x
Unlimited updates of rates and fees x
National coverage x
Standard Freddie and Fannie endorsements x
Current transfer taxes and recording fees x
Implements easily on your website x
Three simple steps to get a quote x
Unlimited customer support

  • Live Help
  • Recommendations for increasing lender adoption of your calculator
Enables lenders to order title services x
SmartGFE® Calculator: Competitive Advantage

A calculator without equal.

We all know what other calculators feature: Averages instead of actual data, errors instead of facts, complexity instead of simplicity, no ability to personalize the calculator itself, and no ability to personalize fees at a title agent level. What’s worse, no two underwriters use the same calculator. How messy is that?

With the SmartGFE® Calculator, you’re accessing actual recording fees and transfer taxes for every county in the United States. You have a simple interface that’s as easy to learn as it is to use. You can incorporate as many underwriters as you like. ClosingCorp does all the implementing and updating for you. And don’t forget, post the calculator to your website and provide live rates and fees to your lenders and real estate agents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Not your average data.

For years, ClosingCorp—the company behind the SmartGFE® Calculator—has worked with title companies to provide their valuable data to banks and other LOS providers in user-friendly formats. Leveraging this experience, ClosingCorp has built a robust, yet easy-to-use GFE calculator for title companies to post on their websites in order to service and attract more lenders and real estate agents to their business.

Automated, online orders.

ClosingCorp is radically improving the online ordering process for title insurance and settlement services by combining the convenience of the SmartGFE® Calculator with the power of our SmartOrder℠ technology. With these two services, lenders and real estate agents can generate a cost estimate from the calculator and then automatically place an order online based on the estimate. Order data can be delivered seamlessly to the title company’s ordering platform and then managed through that platform.

SmartGFE® Calculator: Order GFEs Online

Sample SmartGFE® Calculator screen capture & report

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