Title and Settlement Agents

Capture more share of market with TRID-enabled solutions.

If you want more mortgage lenders and real estate agents to order more title and settlement services from you, then you need accurate data as well as simple, online pricing and ordering tools. ClosingCorp offers the most comprehensive database of real estate closing costs including recording fees and transfer taxes. Our impressive portfolio of web-based tools are designed to help title and settlement agents, as well as closing attorneys build their businesses by better serving the needs of their clients. And the best part, they are ready for TRID.

Has TRID become a four-letter word?

When a loan does not comply with TRID, it can result in huge monetary penalties for your clients. When it is not completed within required time guidelines, it can trigger redisclosures and have operational impacts with potentially devastating impacts on the consumer.  Most lenders do not possess the detailed understanding needed for dealing with this increasingly fluid and complex arena – that’s where your expertise comes into play.

TRID is forcing change and title companies nationwide are turning TRID into an advantage.  Tables and templates must be replaced with real-time closing costs. Your client needs consistency and proof of compliance – and ClosingCorp can help you deliver both.  Help your clients transition to the future loan estimate regulations today.