For the past decade, ClosingCorp has been helping lenders and their customers by providing reliable, compliant and accurate data solutions.

Why ClosingCorp?

If you’re looking to shorten the sales cycle, improve your bottom line and transform the borrower experience, you need real-time, automated closing cost data. ClosingCorp is unique in that we offer much more than a data platform. We are a full service closing cost solution provider enabling you to:

Did you know 15 of the Top 25 lenders use ClosingCorp Fees?

Smart Technology

Quickly and easily access web-based data with actual rates and fees in seconds!

Data You Can Trust

We pride ourselves in providing mortgage lenders, real estate professionals and consumers with the most current, accurate, and reliable closing cost data in the industry.

  • Innovative technologies dramatically improves productivity

  • Real-time, exact data eliminates costly errors and the potential for claims

  • Integrates into your LOS or POS platform for streamlined use

  • Delivers actual costs – NOT estimates


ClosingCorp has grown on average 55% year over year for the past three years. Why? More and more financial institutions want a closing cost solution where they can “set it and forget it.” We manage it so you can turn your focus on growing your own business.

Products That Protect You.

With ClosingCorp Fees and Data products, inaccurate data, vague averages and costly errors are a thing of the past. Our proprietary database contains the industry’s most comprehensive, accurate closing cost data – delivering actual costs, not just estimates.

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