About Us

Your Closing Cost Solution Provider.

At ClosingCorp, we understand that in a world of increasing regulations and diminishing customer patience, good enough is no longer good enough, fast enough is no longer fast enough, and close enough just isn’t close enough anymore. Simply put, when it comes to providing your clients with critical closing costs, you can’t afford to take chances with average data.

That’s why we pride ourselves in providing mortgage lenders, real estate professionals and consumers with the most current, accurate, and reliable closing cost data in the industry, as well as innovative technologies that dramatically improve productivity. Combining the industry’s most accurate data with the most novel technologies helps everyone involved in a residential real estate transaction save time and money.

With products such as the SmartFees and DART, ClosingCorp makes inaccurate data, vague averages, and costly errors a thing of the past. With actual rates from thousands of real estate service providers and recording fees and transfer taxes that account for the nuances of each municipality, our proprietary databases contain the industry’s most comprehensive, accurate closing cost data, delivering actual costs, not just estimates. And because ClosingCorp’s simple, web-based technologies can be quickly and easily incorporated into your existing platform, the time-to-value is immediate, and the return on investment dramatic.

The end result for your business? Maximum efficiency, superior customer service, and most importantly, more deals closed.


Our data and technology represent the essence of who we are, what we do, and why we’re different. It is, in no uncertain terms, what defines us.

The Data

We believe that average data breeds average businesses. That’s why we never ask our customers to settle for anything less than the most comprehensive, accurate, and reliable closing cost data in the residential real estate industry, bar none.

When it comes to being accurate, there’s no substitute for actual. Unlike others in the industry, ClosingCorp provides actual data, straight from a proprietary database of thousands of real estate service providers. Not estimates, guesstimates, averages, or approximations, but actual, real data. And with accuracy comes reliability. That’s why, with our SmartFees solution, we’re able to offer a compliance guarantee that protects lenders from TRID tolerance violations.

We’ve become the industry leader for accurate rate and fee data on the Loan Estimate (LE). We provide rate data for more than 30 real estate service provider categories including everything from title insurance and home inspections, to energy audits and geotechnical engineering. Our database also includes an abundance of information about local practices, customs, and regulations that are germane to the closing of any residential real estate transaction.

The Technology

Data is a means to an end, not the end itself. The most accurate data in the world is of little value if it can’t be quickly and easily accessed by you as well as your customers, clients and users.

Nobody understands this better than ClosingCorp. That’s why we deliver all of our data by way of tools that are web-based and easy to use. Most require just a few clicks, meaning you’ll not only get the data you need, but you’ll get it in ways that enable you to maximize the efficiency and productivity of your business.

Incorporating ClosingCorp’s technologies in your existing web platform is a seamless, pain-free experience, and all of our technologies are engineered to deliver the simplest user-experience possible. Best of all, we take care of all maintenance and updates for you.