Whether you’re in mortgage, property insurance or title and settlement services, we provide turnkey solutions specifically suited to your business. Ways clients can utilize our data and solutions include:

Introducing SmartLeads

Experience higher lift with targeted borrowers

Want to grow your business by targeting the next borrower in the lending cycle? You can. SmartLeads is the easy and affordable method of generating quality mortgage leads by targeting known prospects.

Cost efficient and convenient direct marketing

Successful mortgage professional don’t live on referrals and advertising alone. They augment with direct marketing, which can reach more prospects in a targeted way with specific offers

Current SmartFees clients can take existing SmartFees transaction data and append it with additional knowledge such as current property ownership and mortgage information. This helps create targeted integrated marketing opportunities. Files are updated every day so you have the freshest data available for your campaigns.

With SmartLeads, you can:

  • Maximize lead generation activities.
  • Save valuable time by eliminating low-probability leads.
  • Generate loyalty in key loan officer or broker relationships by providing tailored prospecting lists.
  • Secure business from both the buyer and seller in a complete mortgage transaction.
  • Improve customer acquisition by leveraging property data to segment current owners such as high-profile clients that match your loan programs.

Benefits At-A-Glance

  • Targeted acquisition efforts at a reduced cost

  • Decreased sales cycle time with increased conversion rates

  • Increased speed to market with more timely and reliable data

  • Convenience and reliability that’s aligned with a lender’s workflow

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