Whether you’re in mortgage, property insurance or title and settlement services, we provide turnkey solutions specifically suited to your business. Ways clients can utilize our data and solutions include:

Title & Settlement Services

  • Competitive Market Analysis

  • Customer Service

  • Sales and Marketing


  • Competitive Market Analysis

  • Marketing and Retention


  • Targeted Prospecting

  • Portfolio Marketing & Retention

  • Pay Off Analysis

  • Competitive Market Analysis

  • Performance Measurement

  • Model Development

360 Degree Perspective

With ClosingCorp, you get an application view as well as a historical look in a predictive way to put programs in place to safeguard your holdings and grow your business.

We can create data and analytics to:

  • Identify prepayment risk
  • Detect multiple loan applications
  • Mitigate potential depository losses
  • Benchmark your performance against the market for greater growth potential
  • Target integrated marketing opportunities

We can help you measure:

  • Market share and understand product performance by geography

  • Market potential with information on business mix and prepayment performance

Tailored Delivery

We’re committed to making file delivery easy for you. A variety of flexible data delivery options are designed to get you the information you need – in the exact format you need it. Delivery options include File Transfer Protocol (FTP), browser-based HTML, batch, etc.

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