A single centralized repository for all lender and investor fees.

This is lending management with ClosingCorp Fee Engine. The ability to manage fees consistently and accurately across all platforms—Retail. Wholesale. Point of Sale. A software-as-a-service enterprise solution, Fee Engine captures and manages lender and investor fees at every point in the loan process. No more manual multiple entries, managing templates, cross-referencing Excel charts with LOS tools. Fee Engine runs seamlessly behind the scenes, providing an automated solution that promotes efficiency and speed to market while eliminating human error.

Avoid fair lending risk.

The underlying causes of risk associated with fair lending pricing include:

  • A poorly defined fee structure that varies within products
  • Inconsistent application of loan fees
  • Management difficulty due to fair lending processes

Mitigate fees variation with automation. Fee Engine replaces manual entries across multiple platforms, saving time and costly mistakes.

Software-as-a Service enterprise solution.

“The market was softening and we needed to address pricing differentiation, fast. Our IT department couldn’t adjust quickly enough, so we sought a lending management solution that could give us flexibility and responsiveness. SmartEngine does that. Today, when the market shifts, so do we – in real time.”
—Top Ten Mortgage Lender

Why Fee Engine for Lenders?

  • Improve Fee Accuracy: Centralized location maintains thousands of rates and fees across all branches/channels, assuring accuracy.
  • Establish Consistency: Logic fits on our software irrespective of how it codes, delivering the same results across all systems.
  • Enable Flexibility: Filters can be set-up quickly to afford decisions such as waiving an appraisal or an application fee.
  • Enhance the Borrower Experience: As more point of sale solutions implement outside of loan origination systems, accuracy and a positive borrower experience are paramount. Use SmartEngine to deliver actual lender and investor fees —not estimates― to facilitate an informed and satisfactory borrower interaction with less friction.

Stop the manual input that produces questionable outcomes and risk.

Fee Engine automates generating lender and investor fees accurately and consistently based on your company’s rule sets.

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