“If you weren’t using something like a ClosingCorp to get your fees, you probably really need to do that now.”

—Jonathan Corr, Chief Executive Officer of Ellie Mae

With actual vendor verified rate and fees for sections C, E, H and appraisal in block B on the Loan Estimate, ClosingCorp delivers a service that’s customizable to your business rules and most importantly – integrated with Ellie Mae® Encompass®, Black Knight™ Empower®, Cloudvirga™, INTEGRA’s Destiny Loan Origination System, PCLender™ and several mortgage origination solutions. Seamless integrations enable customers to access ClosingCorp SmartFees for real-time estimate creation—directly from their LOS. Access between the two solutions is seamless.


  • Live rates from thousands of providers – with the ability to add your preferred providers with negotiated rates
  • Real-time alerts if recording fees or transfer taxes change

  • Comprehensive audit trail for change-in-circumstance tracking

  • Order and receive closing services and fees

  • ClosingCorp guarantee to meet the demands of zero variance for affiliates and non-shoppable services like AMC


  • Eliminate dependencies on templates and tables

  • Reduce tolerance violations

  • Decrease buybacks

  • Increase efficiency

  • Boost productivity

Widely used by some of the largest lenders in the nation, ClosingCorp partners with its clients to capture, manage and guarantee provider rates and fees. Through its integrations, ClosingCorp merges comprehensive and robust mortgage management capabilities with its industry leading network and third party risk management solutions to produce stronger business connections.

Mortgage lenders who want to provide a better borrower experience, increase productivity, eliminate dependencies on tables and templates, reduce variance violations and close more loans with confidence turn to ClosingCorp.

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“The integration of these powerful technologies has helped increase our productivity and efficiency, while complementing our primary focus of providing a superior customer experience.”

—Tier Two Lender Located in the Midwest using Ellie Mae Encompass

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