Online Ordering. Verified Pricing.

This is lending with ClosingCorp. Instant, one-click ordering with verified pricing all but eliminates tolerance violations and dramatically improves operational efficiency. That’s why mortgage lenders nationwide are relying on vendors who offer online ordering solutions that seamlessly integrate into their workflows.

Why ClosingCorp Order Management?

  • Vendors selection: vendors are selected based on automated vendor allocation rules.
  • Verified and documented pricing for each order: reduces time and errors.
  • Title order submission and acceptance: directly within the Title Production System.
  • Electronic delivery of information: built in workflow that feeds back into your LOS.
  • Eliminate inefficiencies: Create an order “on demand” and connect to all parties involved in the ordering process while reducing phone calls, emails and faxes.
  • Collaborate when needed: schedule appointments, send messages back and forth, and upload.
  • Take comfort: knowing the same cost indicated on an order, is ultimately the same cost provided on the final Closing Disclosure.
  • Instantly connect to your providers: our scalable solution is currently integrated into the top title production systems, flood, and appraisal solutions enabling ordering from nearly forty of the largest providers in the nation.

What does all this mean to you?

Shorten your cycle times, reduce error and make every second count.

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