Are you doing everything you can to help your customers meet their challenges in an evolving market? Do your customers have the tools to successfully find and compete for business? Yours is a relationship business, where loyalty is won through bold action backed by the kind of service that helps elevate your customers above the crowd.

Drive more business.

Designed to be posted on a title company’s website for their mortgage lending and real estate agent partners to use 24/7, this solution all but eliminates those unnecessary pricing phone calls, emails and faxes. Promote your brand and be a hero to your customers with one simple solution. Offer unique discounts and negotiated fees through password protected logins.

Increase lender opportunities with Title Quote.

Using SmartCalc with the online ordering feature, you not only drive more business from lenders on your title services with 24/7 compliant quote, you also instantly receive online orders for title insurance based on the estimates they received from your calculator. Unlike some solutions, this Title Quote provides two view options: a TRID-friendly view and a Detailed Quote view. It also supports the Simultaneous Issuance Requirement to show both ‘disclosed’ and ‘actual’ Owner’s and Lender’s Policy Rates. Title Quote includes:

  • Title and settlement rates and fees
  • Transfer taxes and recording fees
  • Breakdown of buyer and seller fees

Help realtors explain seller proceeds with Seller Net Sheet.

For someone selling their home, knowing what funds they will walk away with is important. The Seller Net sheet calculates closing proceeds after entering variables such as your mortgage payoff, sales price, pending real estate taxes, and closing costs. You can use the seller net sheet to estimate your proceeds based on different selling prices. You can also use it to evaluate your marketing options, including different sales commission scenarios. Create up to five scenarios for one Seller Net Sheet and create a visual summary of each in a PDF format to share with clients. Seller Net Sheet includes:

  • Title and settlement rates and fees
  • Transfer taxes and recording fees
  • Costs for other real estate services associated with the closing

Support the “Know Before You Owe” initiative with a Buyer’s Estimate. (Available Q1-2017)

As the pioneer of SmartGFE, we understand closing costs better than anyone. Provide your buyer the information they need to understand the potential funds needed to close as well as a projected monthly payment breakdown with our Buyer’s Estimate. A calculator designed to help Realtors deliver estimates to homebuyers, it also features TRID compliant verbiage and includes:

  • Title and settlement rates and fees
  • Transfer taxes and recording fees
  • Lender Fees
  • Taxes
  • HOA
  • And more!


Real numbers. Not estimates. ClosingCorp protects and preserves the best interests of its clients by improving the status quo. We are the only industry resource that provides actual closing cost data nationwide — this equates to smarter business decisions for you and your customers.

ClosingCorp — Smart Solutions for Smart Lending.