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ClosingCorp pioneered its SmartGFE Service over seven years ago; and just as ClosingCorp delivered data on the GFE blocks 4 through 8 plus appraisal, it now also delivers sections C, E, H and appraisal in block B on the Loan Estimate (LE).

With SmartFees, lenders nationwide receive validated fee information to populate the new Loan Estimate (LE) and Closing Disclosure (CD) mandated by the TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure (TRID) rule. Additionally, this enhanced service still delivers the required RESPA-compliant Good Faith Estimate (GFE) and HUD-1 data for applicable loan types.

Our Data is Your Advantage

At ClosingCorp, we think getting accurate disclosure data should be simple. With most solutions, however, it’s anything but. Manual entry requirements, multiple user inputs, and limited automation make for a complex, time-consuming and work-intensive process. All for data that’s anything but reliable.

SmartFees integrates loan file information, transfer tax, recording data, service fees and lender business rules and requirements, all in a single, seamless process. All with one click, and all in less than a minute. And unlike other solutions, this service produces actual data, not estimates.

Whether you need a SmartGFE for a HELOC  or a SmartLE for a traditional purchase loan, all ClosingCorp solutions come with a complete audit trail from the original quote given to a borrower to subsequent documents that are revised due to changes in circumstance, and ultimately to the SmartCD.

The ClosingCorp Guarantee

Whether you’re a retail, correspondent or wholesale lender, ClosingCorp delivers accurate, reliable closing cost data you need to deliver superior client service while maximizing business efficiency and improving your bottom line. All accompanied by ClosingCorp’s Guarantee which meets the demands of zero variance* for Affiliates and Non-Shoppable services like AMC.


Ensure Compliance Avoid variance violations on improperly disclosed broker files
Increase Efficiencies Eliminate the need to manually enter closing cost data or use antiquated tables and templates
Control Quality Use the “best method and data available” to ensure the quality of third-party loan files
Maximize Workflow Integrate directly into your wholesale LOS platform for an uninterrupted workflow
Real-time Alerts Receive SmartMonitor notifications if recording fees and/or transfer taxes change so you can re-disclose costs to borrowers
Guaranteed Data Provides a guarantee to eliminate variance violations
Track Change-in-Circumstances Includes comprehensive audit trail documenting every change in circumstance

The service has been and continues to be a staple with lenders nationwide.

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*Certain criteria must be met to qualify