Exact fees and closing data in real time at any moment

This is lending with SmartFees. Unlike other solutions, SmartFees produces accurate, actual data – NOT estimates – in less than a minute. Whether you’re a retail, correspondent or wholesale lender, ClosingCorp delivers reliable closing cost data fast – guaranteed.

“For a lender like us, which processes 2,500 to 3,000 loan originations a month, SmartFees is a real lifesaver. We also use it on the wholesale side of our business to double-check our brokers’ accuracy.”

—Scott Reed, Executive Vice President Retail Lending, Carrington Mortgage Services, LLC.

Why SmartFees?

“The ClosingCorp service allows our brokers to generate actual rate and fee data from the providers we currently do business with. We expect our cycle time to be faster and interactions with our service providers to be much more efficient, which will ultimately enhance the overall borrower experience.”

—Uday Devalla, Chief Information Officer of Stearns Lending.

Estimated Property Tax – CoreLogic Property Tax Estimator

SmartFees® is enhanced with the power of the CoreLogic Property Tax Estimator, which improves the accuracy of loan estimates (LEs) and delivers a seamless process within the origination workflow. The Property Tax Estimator:

  • Provides an estimated annual tax amount as well as the most current actual tax amount currently available

  • Delivers accurate estimates for California’s Prop 13

  • Uses a proprietary proration factor to calculate and estimate utilizing the subject property assessed value or sales price

  • Replaces highly inaccurate ad-hoc tax procurement processes currently used in the industry

  • Enables you to focus on loan origination tasks while SmartFees delivers accurate fee data

“If you weren’t using something like a ClosingCorp to get your fees, you probably really need to do that now.”

—Jonathan Corr, Chief Executive Officer of Ellie Mae

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