It’s a perpetual race, keeping up with market rates and compliance regulations. Be in the know at all times with Snapshot – a powerful calculator that provides estimated closing costs calculated from real rates and fees. Costs can be used in:

  • Direct marketing

  • Early stage loan applications

  • Pre- and post-close QC

Snapshot for Direct Marketing

Educate and qualify prospective borrowers

Education is a major component of inbound marketing. Prospective customers are looking to learn more about mortgages. As an API, Snapshot can integrate into any consumer-facing website, loan calculators, product and pricing engines and more – making access to realistic closing costs fast and easy.

Drive traffic to your website and allow prospective borrowers to understand closing costs before they transact. Increase your throughput with more qualified and educated leads. Snapshot gives you:

  • An instant estimate of closing costs calculated from real rates and fees by geographic location and loan scenario

  • Optimized (sub-second) response

  • White label environment to promote your brand and drive marketing

Snapshot for Loan Originators and Quality Control

Streamline Productivity and Show Good Faith Efforts

With Snapshot, lenders can provide prospective borrowers with realistic closing cost data in real-time during the “shopping” or pre-qualification stages of getting a loan. Unlike standard issue closing tools, Snapshot delivers an estimate of closing costs calculated from real rates and fees by geographic location and loan scenario.

By providing homebuyers with realistic service rates, transfer taxes and recording fees, lenders help build confidence and trust that pays off. Enjoy increased loan conversions, compliance transparency and other benefits including:

  • API integration with existing internal systems

  • Demonstrating lender commitment to the principles of “Know Before You Owe”

  • Determining loan program suitability

  • Pre- and post-close low cost quality assurance tool

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