Title and Settlement Agents

Capture more share of market.

If you want more mortgage lenders and real estate agents to order more title and settlement services from you, then you need accurate data as well as simple, online pricing tools. ClosingCorp offers the most comprehensive database of real estate closing costs including recording fees and transfer taxes.

Help Your Lender Customers Be More Compliant.

If you provide real estate closing services of any kind, you belong in the ClosingCorp Network. Member companies represent national, regional and local-area title and settlement providers, which gain unmatched exposure to individuals who either make or influence the purchase decisions required to close a residential real estate transaction.

When you join, your rates are maintained in ClosingCorp’s service provider database are directly associated with the services required to complete a home purchase or refinance. We do all the heavy lifting for you. All you need to do is provide us your rates, and we’ll make sure that they get loaded into our database and are easily accessible with all of our innovative technologies — and that’s why we’ve captured the attention and interest of the nation’s leading mortgage lenders.