DART — Transfer Tax & Recording

Recording Fees, Transfer Taxes & Filing Instructions with Precision

Title and settlement professionals can expedite the closing process with Transfer Tax & Recording.

With more than 4,000 recorder offices and tax jurisdictions, and more than 80,000 related taxes, fees, customs, rules, and regulations, keeping an accurate account of recording fees, transfer taxes, and filing instructions for every residential property in the U.S. is no small task. That’s why the most progressive title and settlement professionals rely on Transfer Tax & Recording for accurate recording fees, transfer taxes and filing instructions.

Seamless Workflow.

Transfer Tax & Recording was designed to simply and seamlessly integrate into your current workflow via Web services. With this database, you receive a Transfer Tax & Recording API to facilitate easy implementation of the Transfer Tax & Recording service. The data is returned via XML for use within the requesting application. Alternatively, you may want to use our Transfer Tax & Recording service directly through our web interface, requiring no set up at all.

TRID Impact

Below are a few important notes about how Transfer Tax & Recording will be impacted by TRID.

How is Transfer Tax & Recording affected by TRID?

The data and outputs within Transfer Tax & Recording are not impacted by TRID.

Will the name Transfer Tax & Recording change?

ClosingCorp announced a complete rebrand in February 2015 that included an approach to be more descriptive in its product naming. In this spirit, the name Transfer Tax & Recording will be changed to Transfer Tax and Recording Solutions.

If no specific TRID changes are required, will you be making changes anyway?

Yes. ClosingCorp plans to make a few cosmetic changes prior to August 1. Changes will include minor output changes as well as refreshing the ClosingCorp brand.

Will my contract/terms change?

Your contract terms will not change; however, clients will be required to acknowledge the product name change as an addendum to the original agreement.

Features Overview

Feature Description
Recording Fee and Transfer Tax Data for Settlement Companies Accurate recording fees and transfer/mortgage taxes at the state, county and local level

  • Unique local laws and calculation methods used as needed
  • NY CEMA loans
  • First-time homebuyer exemptions (where applicable)
  • Rates checked frequently directly with county recording offices and other sources
  • Transfer taxes include deed, mortgage, recordation, stamp and other related taxes
Multiple Loan Types Supported Purchase, refinance, refinance with quitclaim (partial change in ownership), reverse (FHA and non-FHA), first and second mortgages (stand-alone and concurrent) and construction-to-permanent.
Multiple Property Types Supported Single family, cooperative, townhome, condo, multi-family residential and manufactured.
Robust “Who-pays” Feature
  • Buyer/seller transfer tax splits are available by state, county and tax authority (city)
  • Splits for every tax in every location
  • “Rule strength” for each buyer-seller split (indicates whether a split is dictated by statute, by custom, etc.)
  • Allows customer implementation of internal rules for using splits
Geo-location Services With latitude/longitude of property, Transfer Tax & Recording automatically determines the associated recording office and tax authority
Multiple Document Types Supported 6D Certificate, Affidavit, Affidavit of Affixation, Affidavit of Affixture, Affidavit of Conversion to Real Estate, Affidavit of Lost Note, Affidavit of Transfer to Real Estate, Assignment, Assignment of Lease, Assignment of Parking Space, Building Loan Agreement, Building Loan Agreement Discharge/Termination, Cancellation of Lien, Cancellation of Mortgage, Cancellation of Note, CEMA, Certificate of Permanent Location, Construction Permanent Loan Agreement, Cooperative Deed, Declaration, Declaration Certificate, Declaration of Intent to Affix Manufactured Home to Real Property, Deed, Deed of Reconveyance, Manufactured Home Affidavit for Retirement of Title Certificate, Manufactured Home Lien Affidavit, Manufactured Home Severance Affidavit, Modification, Mortgage / Deed of Trust, Mortgage Tax Affidavit (252, 253 & 255), Municipal Lien Certificate, Notice of Commencement, Notice of Completion, Notice of Termination, Partial Release of Lien, Power of Attorney, Proprietary Lease, Proprietary Lease Agreement, Real Estate Transfer Declaration Forms, Real Estate Transfer Declaration Supplemental Form B, Real Estate Transfer Tax Payment Document, Release of Real Estate Lien, RP-5217 – Equalization & Assessment Form, Statement of Intent to Declare a Manufactured Home Real Property, Statement of Ownership and Location, Statement of Value, Stock Certificate, Stock Cooperative Transfer, Subordination Agreement, Substitution of Trustee, Substitution of Trustee-Deed of Reconveyance, Termination of Notice, TP-584 – Combined Real Estate Transfer Tax Return, UCC Cooperative Addendum, UCC1, UCC1 Addendum, UCC3, Well Disclosure Certificate

With advanced geocoding capabilities Transfer Tax & Recording knows which recording office and tax authority are associated with every residence.

Designed for the specific needs of title and settlement agents, Transfer Tax & Recording speeds up and simplifies closing transactions because the database provides:

  • Precise recording fees, transfer taxes and filing instructions for any property in America.
  • Automatic selections of county and tax authority by street address using our unique geocoding feature.
  • Guaranteed data accuracy.
  • Data integrity ensured by specialists who research and document all nuances associated with these critical costs.
  • Reliable Buyer/Seller splits based on statutory and customary practices.
  • Access to key forms and helpful documents.

Pinpoint Precision.

With Transfer Tax & Recording, every residential address in the U.S. is precisely geocoded to its exact location. This allows Transfer Tax & Recording to identify the correct recording office and tax authority for every property in the nation — even those that are in ZIP Codes that cross county or tax authority boundaries, or in cities without an obvious tax authority.

dart-geocodingAddress: 447 Grand Blvd, Venice, CA 90291

Given this Venice street address, identifying the correct tax authority is not easy, and can result in inaccurate tax estimates and closing delays. Transfer Tax & Recording’s geocoding feature automatically determines the exact location of this property and its tax jurisdiction – the incorporated City of Los Angeles. With this information, Transfer Tax & Recording generates the correct transfer taxes, recording fees and recording instructions, enabling you to confidently close on time.